Does changing your IMEI affect your device’s features?


You can easily find on the internet many tutorials and tools that show you how to change your device’s IMEI. Unless, you have bad intentions on hiding the phone properties to prevent other parties from identifying the device, it is definitely a bad decision.

First of all, It’s important to indicate that the apps and tools available on the internet that provide IMEI ID changing services are not all reliable. Many apps lure users into thinking that their IMEI changed, when in fact it remains the same. The 14 digits that composes the IMEI are set to identify your device, according to manufacturers and operator parameters. It is unique and intervenes in the identification of one precise device. For certain devices, two IMEIs that play the same role are set for identification, you can exploit both codes.

It’s important to make a good research before opting for a specific method to change your IMEI. By doing so, you’re compromising the initial features and parameters of your machine. This can’t go without technical consequences that may affect negatively the performance of your device. If you know what you are doing, then it’s ok to conduct such operations, otherwise you may end up breaking your device.

In theory, changing the IMEI of a device means separating it from its original identification which is registered on the manufacturer and the operator database. If the operation is done properly and all the parameters that involve your phone’s features are correctly coordinated, then you can assume the separation of the IMEI’s identification. But still, things are not that simple, many elements can disrupt these operations and may actually end up damaging your phone.

That said, before thinking about changing your phone’s IMEI, you should pit in front of you the scenarios and eventual consequences of such operation. By doing so, you’ll realize that it’s completely useless to change your device’s IMEI as you restrict yourself the access to many features that may help you in the future.

If the operator where the phone’s registered can’t identify the device, they have no remote access to features like blacklisting or phone tracking with IMEI. Features that can be of a great help in some situations.