How to track a lost mobile using the IMEI

IMEI is an abbreviation of International Mobile E equipment Identity. It is a unique and specific a 15 digit number that acts as an identity certificate for the cell phones, which makes it to be unique from others. IMEI number is the one that is usually tracks and emitted each time a phone uses a network to receive or send a text message or to receive or make a call.

It is very important and good practice for phone users to note the IMEI number of their phone because it is very helpful in finding stolen or lost phone. IMEI number is usually provided for each phone, and unlike sim numbers, it can never be altered.

It provides the phone user control over his or her phone when the phone is lost or stolen and can be used to attempt to recover it through relevant authority, applications, and online sites. EMEI also gives an individual with an ability to make the lost phone device by blacklisting the device, making it unable to receive calls, make calls, or connecting online through cellular networks. It is also used to get the specific details about the phone such as brand, date of release, date of manufacture, model and several features

How to get IMEI number

There are three ways to get the IMEI number from the phone .

-The first and simplest method is dialing *#06#, and the IMEI number of the device will immediately appear on the screen of the phone . Incase one has a dual phone, and he or she is using both slots, he or she will get IMEI number for sim slots.

-The second method is by checking the number in the settings of the phone. It is done by clicking the setting icon of the device and scrolling through the list with options that will appear until one see “system or about device” and click it. After that, the users click on the “status “option that will be among the options that will appear, and then one will get an IMEI number under the list that will appear on the screen. This process may differ depending type of the phone one is using, but the IMEI number is usually incorporated in the settings options.

-The third and the last way involve checking for the IMEI number phone surface. It is usually printed and stacked on the backside of the device for the ones that do not have a removable back. For devices that have a removable back cover, it can be found on the back of the phone after the battery is removed.

How to track a lost mobile with IMEI number

Various tracking applications come in handy with IMEI tracking online of the lost phone. Each of these applications has its ways of tracking a lost hone. Anti-theft app and IMEI locator app is among the best applications that help an individual track a lost mobile with IMEI number for free. Below are steps to follow when you want to track a lost mobile with IMEI number.

Using a mobile app:

Borrow another android phone from a family member or a friend and ensure it has an active internet connection, and it has an android version of 4.4 or above. On that phone, find a google play icon and click on it. When the google play opens, click on the search icon and search for “anti-theft app and IMEI tracker all location” and click to download the app when you identify it from the results. Then install the application into the phone.

  • When the installation and downloading of the application is done, click on the app to run it. When the application opens, it usually needs to access various files on the phone the user is using, which include contacts, location, text message, storage, and calls. To permit the app to access these files to click on allow option, this enables the app to access everything that it requires for it to have full functionality of tracking the lost android phone.
  • After allowing the app to access the files, click on continue to proceed to the next step, which will require you to watch short commercials or the ads to move to the next step because this is a free app.
  • Move to the next step where you will be required to provide the phone number of a trusted friend or a family member. This is necessary because if a new sim is inserted on your missing or stolen phone, There will be a text message that will be automatically be sent to the number of the trusted friend or close member of your family that you have provided .If by any chance this text is sent it will typically provide the current location and the IMEI number of the phone.
  • After providing a phone number, proceed to the next step where you will be required to provide the IMEI number of the lost android phone. It is important to reconfirm the code after typing it in the text box to ensure it is correct. After confirming the code and confirming it is correct, click on the “track” option that is below the text box. After clicking it, a pop up will show up on the screen showing a list of locations. These location usually indicates the current location of the lost android phone and the places near it.
  • Apart from tracking the lost android phone, through this application, you can be able to send a text message or command from a borrowed android phone to the lost android phone which you wish to recover. This app will acknowledge the command and will send the location as a reply.

Apart from tracking the lost mobile with IMEI, this application has other important anti-theft functions that are very helpful. It is also important to protect the phone further by setting the PIN controlling stolen phone ayes.

Using an online platform:

There’s a better alternative that can provide you with your phone’s exact position. It relies on a different technology and operate online directly from a platform.

In order to find your phone using the IMEI number, you need to have in your possession the IMEI code of your mobile. It’s basically all you’ll need to start the tracking process.

Enter in the digits in the IMEI tracker and start the tracking process. It usually takes less than five minutes for the system to find the device’s position.