Everything you need to know about IMEI trackers:


The international mobile equipment identity is composed of 14 or 15 digit numbers that identifies a mobile device upon production and registration to a specific phone operator. Nowadays all the smartphones are equipped with this identification that acts like a unique registration number set by producing companies and their partners.

The role of IMEI is not limited to checking the unicity of a phone device but it also provide a number of functionalities and features that can be exploited if combined with the right technology. We can easily that the mobile equipment identity is the key that unlocks the internal properties of any phone device. However, having your phone’s IMEI in your possession that does not mean that you can unlock the features that are normally restricted or enhance your phone’s capacities. You also need good permission that only manufacturers and global operators have. That’s perfectly understandable because it’s easy to get the IMEI that identifies the device.

Your device’s mobile equipment identity is marked on the box; most of people won’t notice it as they have no interest in reading the product details. The second option to know your IMEI is to dial a specific code, which will display one to two IMEI codes. Even if these codes may appear different, but they identify the same device.

If you’re willing to use the IMEI for tracking purposes, you have to keep in mind that you won’t have your phone at your disposition and consequently you will not be able to generate its IMEI. That’s why it is crucial to have the IMEI of your cellphone noted somewhere. Otherwise, you’ll have to go through your phone operator to get it, but people’s experiences with their phone operators in such situations were not positive due to the operator staff lack of knowledge in geo tracking.

Our advice is to try to get the equipment module identity registered to your device and use it on a reliable tracking platform to get the real-time position. For that purpose, our platform provides free IMEI tracking for users interested in locating the position of their devices online using the IMEI technology. Many know entities and companies adopted system that rely on similar technologies to conduct different activities, because they find it reliable, quick and easy to comprehend.

What’s interesting about this new technology is that it relies on a feature that is available within every single mobile phone. You do not need to install specific applications or conduct any manual installations to get the position of the device.